Empowerment in Digital Literacy


This course is for educators of Kindergarten and Primary Schools who would like to experience for themselves a variety of software and online tools in
order to integrate technology into their teaching.

About the course:
These hands-on, practical courses are designed for teachers who would like to include ICT technology in the classroom.  Many educational and relevant technologies will be introduced during this course.

Before the courses

After registration, participants on this course programme will receive: A pre-course questionnaire, which will enable trainers to learn about the participants’ teaching backgrounds Information about the Europass Mobility Certificate A list of software to download and install, to prepare participants for various aspects of the course Information about Malta to prepare teachers for their cultural experienc

Our Goals

To enable better skills in technology and ICT To introduce an awareness of ways of integrating ICT with teaching methodologies, using hands-on & experiential methods To help teachers reflect on their own teaching methods in relation to technology in the classroom today To help participants experience hands-on a range of interesting tools, software and programmes which are available as freeware, & set up activities linking methodology and technology today To further develop participants’ own language skills To experience the cultural heritage of Malta with its bilingual linguistic environment (The course draws on the results of the POOLS and POOLS-T Leonardo Projects (Project for Open Online Learning Systems and Methodologies).



Our method

This course is taught interactively, with input sessions, collaborative and group project work. Participants are actively involved in all sessions. Input sessions are in the form of hands-on workshops and could involve brainstorming, analysis and at times problem-solving. Sessions help participants set up tools such as Blogs , Wikis & Websites and apply online tools in a scaffolded setting. Participants are asked to reflect on the tools & activities, inviting discussion with regard to their own knowledge & skills, their approach to teaching today’s students, and on adaptation of the use of the tools to their teaching & learning situations & contexts. Exchange of participants’ ICT and pedagogical knowledge is encouraged through discussion. Participants’ own language skills are developed and feedback given where appropriate. Participants are also introduced to appropriate websites related to the further development of their teaching skills & personal professional development


After the course:

The course ends with an evaluation session, where teachers are asked to reflect upon the value of the knowledge gained on the course and its usefulness to them. They are also encouraged in this session to come up with a Personal Development Action Plan, and select tools & activities which they would like to try out in their own classes or projects. They are invited to join the ETI Teacher Training Facebook community, which allows networking and contact with the trainers and fellow colleagues, and with participants from other courses. Participants are also encouraged to join communities for the current POOLS Projects, and other ETI-related EU Projects, such as METHODS (Communicative Language Teaching Methods), TOOLS, and CLIL4U.


Time November
– 10:30
& Recording/
Audio for
Online use
Creating Online
Exercises: Matching,
Jumbled Texts, Gap
fill, Multiple
How to
design your
own Website
– 12:30
– 14:30


Every child has a right to play,
running, collecting, imagining, laughing, pretending…

We design programs that promote play based learning and inquiring, and we support children’s imagination as well as their individual needs.


Our Concept

StudioKids is a place where children, starting at an early age, can experience different form of art  and can actively engage in fun and creative projects. Innovative programs will deepen creativity, self-confidence, social understanding. 

For children up to 18 years – regardless of their cultural, religion and social background, will experience creative and educational programs designed in the frame of children’s rights to play and children’s rights to participation.  

Our Mission

By creating innovative programs for children with medium of arts, we want to build a place and a community where children can safely play, create, express and connect with the world around them.  

StudioKids, is an important platform to begin their exploration, we aim to empower them with innovative approach to their learning and with the foundation of the children’s rights to play and children’s rights of participation in mind.

Furthermore, we want to promote and help create awareness from very young age, the practice of equality, diversity. Inclusiveness.


Visual art is important because it enhances children’s happiness and well-being as well as creativity and imagination. Using hands, experimenting with the materials around them, creating art broadens children’s ability to express themselves and increases their confidence. 

We introduce children to various forms of visual art and create an experimental setting for kids to be creative, a space where children can be free and happy.



By talking about their favourite musical characters and by listening and playing music, we create an holistic learning atmosphere, we try to support every children’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials.


Children love to hear stories and read books, they travel through the world of literature and imagination.  By listening and reading stories of others, children learn to share feelings and broaden their understanding of others and the world around them.

Ms. Hoon has shown my daughter how to make a magic of creation and turns a stone into a gem. Now she knows that art is not a subject where she has to follow instructions.

-Mei’s mom (Shiho)


    Bilingual Children

    To speak and understand another language at an early age give children confidence, opportunities and connection to other culture.  We support bilingual program for children to enjoy and acquire language in a natural way.

    My daughter Ella attended Hoon’s art class for 2 years since she was 3 years old. Ella suffered from separation anxiety whenever she went to school or classes. However, Hoon’s patience and ability to construct an exciting and engaging environment for children resulted in Ella looking forward to art class every week. Ella enjoyed drawing, slime and playing games with her friends. One of these games, the Memory Game, she loved so much that we started to play together at home. Hoon is a fantastic teacher who radiates positivity and has an amazing ability to keep kids entertained while helping them develop their own creative skills.

    – Ling and Spence


    Hoon is a very caring and patient teacher, with her, Ella created art works and drawings, which are very creative and unique. Especially crafting a story telling stage from a box, enlightening kids imagination !



    Teacher Hoon sincerely loves children. A class that develops creativity, that taught children that art is happiness. It allowed them to imagine infinite things.  I was very lucky that my kids had such a good teacher.


    – Jean & Geo’s mom

    Classes are out of the box, they are flexible in communication and allow children to create creative art. There is great pleasure in seeing the colorful results created by children, their unique vision, and creative attempts.



    My son has been with Ms. Hoon since he was 4 years old, and he truly loved the art lessons. He learned not only basic drawing, but also various crafts which were very suitable for children’s creative development. This is a class in which children always participated in a variety of lesson methods that changed every time, so he always participated happily, without getting bored.


    I was very lucky that Leia’s first art teacher was Ms. Hoon.  Leia developed solid foundation skills such as form, composition, contrast, proportion, perspective, etc.  In addition, through a lot of craft classes, she had acquired sense of space and three-dimensionality, and she enjoyed 3D work very much.

    And most of all, I am so grateful and happy that Leia had discovered how fun and enjoyable it is to draw and create something with hands.

                                                                                         – Leia’s mom

    Hello!  This is Colin.

    I was in Hoon’s art class for some years and I love the concept that this art class uses many different materials; recycled paper, plastic, wood and books. My favourite part was the last project, stencil making and spray painting. I think my spray painting was quite good, and it will remind me of the lovely art classes I had with Hoon.  I am glad that now she has an official site and plans to open a studio for kids in Berlin, expanding their creativity!  I really liked the concept that we could make 3D objects using various recycled materials, exploring how to save the environment and the ways we can reuse and recycle to make art pieces. 

    Hoon helped me look at materials and create forms of various objects, and I would make into 3D objects, I was able to create much more things than drawings which I did in other schools.  I loved this art school, I joined the lessons with a boy in my neighbourhood who started the lessons first, and I continued and it was a miracle! I really loved it!  Everyone should try!


                                                                                          – Colin (5th grade)

    My daughter, 5 year old, Hailey hasn’t had much interest in any  art lessons until she met Ms. Hoon. It wasn’t a focus issue but none of her previous classes had really captured her attention and interests. Also she doesn’t like structured and rigorous environment.

    We’ve been looking for a teacher who can help to deepen Hailey’s learning experience through play and creative activities . We were so lucky that we finally met Ms. Hoon who offered spontaneous learning experiences that helped to improve Hailey’s literacy, math, science and of course creativity skills using everyday materials especially recycled and natural material.

    It amazes us to see how much more confident Hailey is now, and how she has a different perspective of looking at materials and coming up with ideas of creating something new. She loves this process thanks to teacher Hoon’s lessons. Hailey now often makes craft kits for her friends, and she proudly calls herself a little artist!

                                                                                        – Hailey’s parents

    Thank you for being a great teacher. I love arts and craft. I wish you were my lifetime homeroom teacher at my school. I miss you so much…
                                                                                          – Hailey

    Ms Hoon has showed my daughter how to make a magic of creation and turns a stone into a gem. Now she knows that art is not a subject which she has to follow instructions.

    Mei’s mom, Shiho

    Thank you so much for teaching Iris.  She really enjoyed your art classes every time. I am sure she will miss your classes…. The time she spent with you will be one of great memories in Singapore.
    Thank you very much again. 🙂

                                                                                                  – Iris’ mom

    Ms. Hoon helped cultivate a love of art in my three year old daughter, Addy.  Each class Addy attended was a fun and varied mix of art, games, stories, and play.  The creativity and enthusiasm shown in each session kept my daughter interested and engaged…a hard feat for her young age! Ms. Hoon has a true talent and love for what she does. I’m so grateful for the time Addy spent learning and playing!

                                                                                              – Addy’s mom

    Unsere Mission

    Durch die Schaffung innovativer Programme für Kinder mit verschiedenen Kunstformen als Medium möchten wir einen Ort und eine Gemeinschaft bilden, in der Kinder sicher spielen, etwas kreieren, sich ausdrücken und sich mit der Welt um sie herum verbinden können.

    Studio Kids ist eine wichtige Plattform, um ihre Erkundungen zu beginnen. Wir möchten Kinder mit einem innovativen Ansatz zu einem selbstbestimmten Lernen befähigen, auf Grundlage der Rechte der Kinder auf Spiel und Teilhabe.

    Darüber hinaus wollen wir von klein auf ein Bewusstsein zu schaffen für die Praktiken von Gleichheit, Vielfalt und Inklusion.

    Unser Konzept

    Studio Kids ist ein Ort, an dem Kinder schon in jungen Jahren verschiedene Kunstformen erleben und sich aktiv an freudvollen und kreativen Projekten beteiligen können. Unsere innovativen Programme vertiefen die Kreativität, das Selbstvertrauen und soziale Verständnis von Kindern.

    Für Kinder bis 18 Jahre – unabhängig von ihren kulturellen, religiösen und sozialen Hintergründen – werden kreative und pädagogische Programme angeboten, die mit Bezug auf die Kinderrechte auf Spiel und partizipative Teilnahme angelegt sind.


    Jedes Kind hat ein Recht zu spielen,
    rennen, sammeln, sich vorstellen, lachen, so tun als ob …

    Wir entwickeln Programme, die spielerisches Lernen und Nachfragen fördern, und wir unterstützen die Fantasie der Kinder sowie ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse.


    Bildende Kunst ist wichtig, weil sie das Glück und das Wohlbefinden von Kindern sowie Kreativität und Fantasie fördert. Das Experimentieren mit den Händen, das Experimentieren mit den Materialien um sie herum und das Schaffen von Kunst erweitern die Fähigkeit der Kinder, sich auszudrücken, und erhöhen ihr Selbstvertrauen.

    Wir führen Kinder in verschiedene Formen der visuellen Kunst ein und schaffen eine experimentelle Umgebung, in der Kinder kreativ sein können. Ein Raum, in dem Kinder frei und glücklich sein können.


    Indem wir Musik spielen und über ihre Lieblingsmusik und musikalischen Charaktere sprechen, bieten wir Kindern eine ganzheitliche Lernumgebung.

    Mit diesem Ansatz versuchen wir, das intellektuelle, emotionale, soziale, physische, künstlerische, kreative und spirituelle Potenzial jedes Kindes zu fördern.

    Kinder erstellen ihre eigenen Musikwiedergabelisten… .. mehr Text folgt…


    Kinder lieben es, Geschichten zu hören und Bücher zu lesen, sie reisen durch die Welt der Literatur und der Fantasie. Durch das Hören und Lesen von Geschichten anderer lernen Kinder, Gefühle auszutauschen und ihr Verständnis für andere und die Welt um sie herum zu erweitern.

    Zweisprachige Kinder

    In jungen Jahren eine andere Sprache zu sprechen und zu verstehen, gibt Kindern Vertrauen, Möglichkeiten und Verbindung zu anderen Kulturen. Wir unterstützen ein zweisprachiges Programm für Kinder, um Sprache auf natürliche Weise zu genießen und zu erlernen.


      I have been learning Art with Ms. Hoon for several years. At the beginning she showed me how to work with perspective in my drawings and different painting methods. Later on, she helped me how to work with clay, techniques like firing, grazing, modeling. I also created several figurative sculptures, and I was able to learn detailed modeling and building techniques from her.

      For my 3D projects and she was always patient and resourceful while guiding me through the project and material research. I liked creating art with her, it was always fun inspiring. 

      Joy Long

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